Companies Agree to Joint Efforts to Market Aircraft’s Firefighting Applications

DUBLIN, Ireland – October 12, 2022 – ACIA Aero Leasing (“ACIA”), a leading provider of regional aircraft leasing and lease management services, and German aircraft manufacturer Deutsche Aircraft (“DA”) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) to collaborate on marketing the manufacturer’s aircraft. The efforts will focus on the D328® and D328ecoTM variants that provide passenger, multi-role, and firefighting aircraft configurations.

Wildfires are an increasingly prevalent source of devastation in many areas across the world every year, generating adverse impacts that are only compounded by the effects of climate change. In 2022, the world has already witnessed the highest frequency of wildfires in a decade. To support efforts in addressing this issue, ACIA and DA are joining forces to develop firefighting aircraft that will aid government agencies in deploying aircraft configured for this specific application.

The firefighting-configured D328eco is an ideal multi-role aircraft that can be used as water-bomber and full-passenger aircraft. Therefore, it is well suited for this collaboration between ACIA and DA to cover Leasing, Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance (“ACMI”) operations, and related support, delivering multiple advantages to operators with different requirements. ACIA will become a preferred lessor of DA aircraft for the marketing of D328® and D328eco aircraft in firefighting configurations, supporting cost reductions and efficiencies for various government agencies.

”ACIA believes in supporting the firefighting sector as we see increasing devastation from wildfires in many parts of the world. We support the initiative from Deutsche Aircraft to engage in this sector, where we can offer leasing solutions and support the marketing of their multi-role aircraft,” commented Sameer Adam, Senior Vice President, Commercial of ACIA Aero Leasing. “Multi-role aircraft can be challenging projects and we see an opportunity to offer a different approach to governments around the world. As they are managing multiple economic priorities, leasing can be a viable solution to support cost management and budget controls, while also bringing operational efficiencies through our partner organizations.”

Anastasija Visnakova, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Deutsche Aircraft, added: “Our brand new D328eco will provide unmatched flexibility to special mission firefighting operators and prides a logical, reduced risk path towards sustainable aircraft operations,” with Dave Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Aircraft, concluding that “we are delighted to partner with ACIA as the preferred lessor for firefighting aircraft configurations to address the increasing issues of climate change and related devastating fires.”

About Deutsche Aircraft

Deutsche Aircraft (“DA”) ’s new D328eco™ aircraft is being developed to deliver significant improvements in operational and maintenance costs as well as reductions in the overall carbon footprint. This is in line with its vision and strategic roadmap to support a more sustainable future for aviation. The D328eco will offer maximum flexibility being able to operate on existing aviation fuel, to being blended with up to up to 100% H2-PtL. The aircraft will be assembled in the paperless production line at Leipzig/Germany. All parameters are in high demand in the current aviation environment and we already see an increased interest in the D328eco from our potential customers and partners.

About ACIA Aero Leasing

ACIA Aero Leasing (“ACIA”), a subsidiary of ACIA Aero Capital (“ACIA Group”), is a leading regional aircraft lessor with offices in Ireland, Mauritius, France, Canada, and South Africa. ACIA manages a current aircraft portfolio of over 50 regional passenger and freighter aircraft on lease to operators in more than 15 countries globally. Through our strategic partnerships, ACIA provides airlines with turn-key leasing solutions from dry leasing through to charter operations.

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